Welcome to JS Custom tack saddlery! My name is Jana Skybova and I have been fascinated by horses ever since I was born.

Even though, I spent most of my childhood playing with plastic horses and making a very primitive yarn bridles and tinfoil saddles, I'd never thought, that I'll get back to the hobby 22 years later.

It has all started 8 years ago. Our friends from New York came to visit for couple of days and when they were leaving, they gave me my very first Breyer horse as a gift! (at age 26 :)) I put it on display and couple days later, I found out that people were customizing their models and making a really great and very realistic tack for them. I was thinking back about my yarn bridles and tinfoil saddles and was wondering, if I could make such a beautiful and realistic saddle for my Breyer model. So I bought some leather, tools and Rio Rondo hardware and the obsession has began! :)



Now, 12 years later, my work sells all over the world and I owe huge THANK YOU to all of my customers! While I don't have time to show my tack personally, I rely on them to get my creations in the show ring and every time I hear from them about all their winnings, I don't know who's more happy about them! :)

Thank you all SO MUCH and please enjoy the next few pages of pictures of my work!